How it started...

The WaffleHouzz™ was created as an avenue to find some awesome Vans. Many are familiar with some of the common styles such as the classic Old Skools, Authentics or Slip-ons but are unaware of the variety the brand has to offer. Here you will find some of those well known kicks along with some exclusives that you may have never seen before. Lets just say "Oh those are Vans?!" is heard often. Also, don't forget to check out the Brunch Menu. There you will find various other stylish brands to add to your collection. 🧇🍯

Keeping It Cooool

  • Cool styles for the Hot weather

    Look no further than these very fresh Wafflez to accent your hot season outfits. You can keep it simple with White or Marshmallow colorways or add some solid colors to complement your vibe. A variety of colorways are available for some of the most popular styles : Authentic, Era and the classic Old Skool.

  • Vans SK8-HI MTE

    The Vans SK8-HI MTE gives you the perfect crossover between the style of the classic SK8-HI and added protection from the elements. This combo gives you an added lining for warmth, lug soles for traction and water resistant uppers. Great for everyday wear.

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